Upper Secondary School

Gymnasiet consists of students who live with their families in Madrid and of guest students. Guest students join us for one year, usually the second year of Gymnasiet, by exchanging a year in Sweden for a year in Madrid.

The school offers the following national programmes, all of which prepare students for university studies in Sweden, Spain or elsewhere:

  • Naturvetenskapsprogrammet (Natural sciences programme)

  • Samhällsvetenskapsprogrammet (Social sciences programme)

  • Ekonomiprogrammet (Business programme)

The Upper Secondary School is characterised by small groups and a close relationship between students and staff. Students receive the attention and support required to succeed with their studies and to prepare them for life.

Throughout Upper Secondary, native Spanish students continue to follow the curriculum set by the Spanish Ministry of Education in Spanish Language, Literature and Social Sciences. Successful completion of these subjects in combination with the subjects from the Swedish curriculum means that the student is awarded the Spanish “titulo secundario” at the end of Gy1 and “titulo bachillerato” at the end of Gy3.

Successful completion of Gymnasiet gives direct access to universities in Sweden. At the same time, Spanish students also have direct access to universities in Spain. With their “gymnasieexamen”, students obtain their Calificación de Acceso a la Universidad (CAU) automatically. Native and non-native students alike may also sit “pruebas especificas” to boost their average grade and improve their chances of entering the university program of their choice.