The Scandinavian School is owned and managed by a local non-profit association, whose members are parents or guardians of those attending the school. The association is registered in Spain and therefore operates under Spanish law in matters such as administration, finance and employment of staff.


Executive Board


The Governing Board is the executive body which governs the school, with overall responsibility for staff, education, finances and administration. The Governing Board appoints a Principal (Head of School) responsible for pedagogical management and day-to-day school activity.


In its Annual Report, presented to the General Assembly in October each year, the Governing Board describes what decisions it has made and how financial resources have been used. It is the General Assembly which grants the Governing Board discharge for the past financial year and approves the budget for the next year.


The Board consists of:

Sanna Orkan


Susanna Lindblom

Vice president

Annika Boman


Claes Arnrup


Joakim Nilsson

Staff representative

Mats Jakobsson

Staff representative

Jenny Dettmann

Head of school

Denis Aramburu

Full Member

Malin Svensson

Full member

Paul Zander

Full member

Karl-Johan Malmgren

Full member

Antonia Wigström

Full member

Andreas Karlsson

Full member

Stina Lundén


Kristoffer Eliasson

Representative Swedish National Agency for Education



The School Management Team consists of the the Head of School, the Deputy Head of School, the Head of the International Section, the Head of Preschool and the Directora Técnica. The Head of School is responsible for educational management, operational activity and staff.


The school management team consists of:


Jenny Dettmann, Head of School
Johanna Lööf, Deputy Head
Robert Stott, Head of International Secondary
Nuria Arrese, Directora Técnica