The Scandinavian School of Madrid is a Swedish school abroad, with 75 years of experience teaching according to the Swedish educational system.

We offer programs of Early Childhood Education (from two years old), Compulsory Education (EP and ESO) and Sixth Form (Bachillerato).

We have a Scandinavian and International section, both based on Scandinavian pedagogy and values.

The Scandinavian section is taught in Swedish and follows the Swedish curriculum.

Students in the International section follow the Cambridge programme.

Vision & Mission

A school that both young people and adults look forward to coming to, A school to be proud of, A school that encourages lifelong learning
Our school offers an education based on a Scandinavian educational philosophy. With head and heart we help students reach their full potential and become happy, responsible citizens in a changing world.


The philosophy of Scandinavian education is based on the idea that each child is a complete human being, deserving equal attention and respect and at the same time guidance, advice and examples to help the child fully develop his/her potential in a safe and stable environment where the child is encouraged to learn from mistakes.

Music Profile

All students participate from the level they have achieved here at school or from elsewhere. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or ``semi-professional``; we learn together from the level we are at.

01. Head

We inspire in our students happiness, creativity and the desire for lifelong learning, constantly encouraging them to think for themselves and to express their own opinions.

02. Heart

We teach our students to respect different points of view, show empathy for the situation of others and develop an understanding of the long-term effects of their actions.

03. Objectives

Our goal, we want to achieve all the goals of the Swedish/Cambridge curricula.

We offer programmes in preschool, primary and secondary. We have a Swedish and an English speaking section, based on Scandinavian pedagogy and values.

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