Welcome to Our School

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Scandinavian school of Madrid.


We are a dynamic and growing international school for children between the ages of 1,5 and 18.


We have a Scandinavian Section with tuition in Swedish and an International Section with tuition in English. The school is owned and managed by a not-for-profit parent association.


Happiness is at the centre of everything we do. When students feel safe and happy they are open to learning and that gives us a solid foundation for academic success. We love music and have a music profile.


We have a strong school community that believes in freedom, respect and solidarity. We work hard to create an atmosphere where students dare to make mistakes so that everyone learns.We give our students a voice and encourage them to express their opinions. We demonstrate to the students that we believe in them so that they can believe in themselves and grow.

Jenny Dettmann


Head of School

The staff to student ratio is high and the school is small and family oriented.Each child istreated as unique and receives the necessary attention according to his/her level of maturity.


Come and visit us! I would be proud to show you around. As you walk through the school, you will get a true sense of what it means to be a student here. The energy is contagious. Please contact us  to set up an appointment.


Jenny Dettmann, Head of School