Music Profile

Music Profile

At the Scandinavian school in Madrid we love music and have been running a music profile for the last eight years. The music profile begins in Preschool. Through music children learn language, develop motor skills, self esteem, the feeling of rhythm and the joy of singing and playing with other children.

All children in Preschool have two music sessions per week.

In Primary and Secondary School pupils from Åk 3 / Year 4 and upwards have the opportunity to participate in extra music lessons during school time.

Courses is structured so that everyone plays and sings together in an ensemble. Students learn how to play guitar, bass, drums and to sing. Two music teachers work with half classes (10 students or fewer). All students participate from the level they have achieved here at school or from elsewhere. No matter whether students are beginners or “semi-professional”; we learn together from the level we are at.

In Secondary we have a School Choir. Pupils from both sections participate and perform at different events throughout the school year. The Choir also performs at events outside school.

We use everything we have learned during the school year in various events arranged by the school, such as the Christmas Bazaar, Lucia, United Nations Day, ceremonies, concerts and more.

The Scandinavian school also offers Music as an afterschool activity. Currently we offer:

  • Ensemble playing

  • Guitar groups

  • Keyboard groups

  • Singing groups

  • Performance

Music for us is a language, a way of expression and communication and it brings us together. It helps the body and the mind to work together and therefore students benefit from music in all other areas of life and learning. Music is joy and we learn by having fun together. Everyone contributes!