Activities and Extended Hours

The regular school day starts at 9:00 am (8:50 am for International Secondary) and finishes at 3:50 pm (4:00 pm for Secondary school). Outside regular school hours the school offers Extended hours as well as Afterschool activities.


Extended Hours


Preschool: The school offers an optional schedule of Extended Hours for preschool children for an extra fee. Parents who have signed up for extended hours can drop off children from 8:15am and collect children at 5.30pm.

Primary: In the morning there is no Extended hours for children from Förskoleklass/Year 1 and up. Children arriving before 9am may stay in the front garden until the classes start.

In the afternoons there are extended hours for children from Förskoleklass/Year 1 to Åk 3/Years 1 to 4.


Afterschool activities


After 3:50pm a range of activities are offered, including singing, ensemble and other musical groups, chess, soccer, dance, gymnastics, ceramics, Tech Talent, Science Club and more.

Younger children are collected in their classroom to attend their chosen activity, which usually lasts for one hour.